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Basic Understanding of Dairy Sector Business


It is almost natural to have milk incorporated in breakfast meals, a coffee date and even milk products on the foods we consume. However, there lacks an understanding of what dairy farmers have to combat with to get their products in the market.

For Miss Naiyanaye, a 27-year-old entrepreneur, it has been difficult to find a footing in dairy farming. After unsuccessfully looking for employment, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics graduate opted to venture into business. Dairy farming.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Miss Naiyanaye wanted to advance her father’s passion in dairy farming, albeit with some freshness.

She started off by selling milk to processing plants for cheese and other dairy products but the business was not making economic sense due to the market price value she got from the processors.

She opted to acquire a milk ATM machine and obtain the permits and licenses of operations required by Kenya Dairy Board (KDB), the regulatory authority in milk business, to set up.

She familiarized herself with the regulations and went through the certification process.

During an interview with Kilimo Insight, Miss Naiyanaye, now an owner of three ATM machines in Thika, says the success of her business is attributed to the reliability of quality supply of milk, part from her father’s farm and other dairy farmers, which has to be pasteurized as required by KDB, attaining the permits to operate and having a cooling machine that is not affected by power outages hence ensuring the milk does not go bad.

She advices anyone interested in starting a milk ATM, or intending to trade in milk business to ensure that they get all the certification licenses and that they ensure they maintain high standards of cleanliness, and maintain high quality products and services. She adds that it is important to have a good working relationship with farmers who supply you with the milk and vet them often to ensure that the end product is of high quality.


Wanjiru Kiarie

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