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Farmers in Siaya Get Training to Enhance Fish Farming

The County government of Siaya has formed Trade Facilitation Project (TFP) to boost aquaculture in the area. 

The county government has partnered with Financial Sector Deepening Kenya (FSDK) and Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme Phase Two (ASDSP II) in the project. 

The project’s coordinator, Mr. Eugene Nyamunga from FSDK said the partnership was aimed to boost fish marketing capacity and to give fish farmers incentives to solve trade challenges. 

Mr. Kenneth Owuor, the county ASDSP coordinator, said his organization will collaborate with Fisheries Department to train farmers on quality control to meet international standards of fish production. 

Fish farmers will also be trained on how to sustain continuous production to cope with demand. 

The officials were speaking during a fact-finding tour at Luanda Kotieno beach, in South Uyoma Ward Friday. 

The training will be conducted at Siaya Agri Value Chain Incubation Centre (SAVIC) and at selected fish ponds, added Owuor. 



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