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Resolutions To Include In Your 2020 Plan As A Farmer


2019 was a difficult year for most Kenyans. Fortunately, the year 2020 is still young. Be ahead of the curve this year by including some of these things in your 2020 plan and be a smart farmer.


1. Cut Costs

Work to identify areas where you can cut down costs in your operations by evaluating your financial structure, and take a realistic approach to make financial decisions. Quantify costs diligently and manage your farm by maximizing produce at a minimum cost.

2. Create a Work plan and Set Goals

Take time to plan out your annual goals for the farm. List all the events you need to attend to expand your knowledge or create networks, list and plan for all the acquisitions you need to make within the year, set production goals and the pathway to achieve the goals. Keep checking your list to ensure you are on course.

3. Involve Yourself in Marketing

In these challenging times, make yourself adaptable to change and have a mindset of survival. Adjust, learn and expand your skill set by taking the necessary steps in marketing your business and produce, to secure your survival. Involve yourself by focusing on the basics of marketing to lock in profits when the market presents itself.

4. Assess the Future

What is the future of your farm? How long do you want to keep the farm running? Is it something you want your children to inherit and practice? Do your children show any interest in agriculture and its practices? By answering these questions, you will be able to determine the pace in which you wish to set for the year and the future.

5. Go for Something New

Image being held back by fear and failing to thrive because you were too afraid to fail or succeed in the unfamiliar. Revamp your farming skills by adopting to new technologies, innovations, practices, crops that revitalize the soil and new seedlings. Embracing new ways can set you apart in 2020 and make a huge difference in your farm.

6. Attend Agricultural / Agribusiness Shows

Agricultural shows provide the best avenue to learn and discover some of the latest innovations in agricultural technology and network with other agricultural enthusiasts. These include but are not limited to crop, livestock, machinery, seedlings and experts’ insights. Find your area of interest and show up to learn.

7. Be Active on Online Platforms

Consumers are increasingly being conscious about what they eat and where their food comes from. Engaging with the general public on social media gives you an advantage over others as it offers a direct market to potential customers and creates an understanding of what the consumer wants and how they prefer to get it. This reassures them of safely produced foods and ideally a healthy environment in mind.


Wanjiru Kiarie


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    January 20, 2021 at 9:52 am

    This didn’t work for me, lets move this to 2021.

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