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Turning Rabbit Urine Into Cash


Farmers in Kenya are now making a kill selling rabbit urine. This comes at a time when organic farming is being fronted as a solution to reduce prevalence of lifestyle diseases in the country.

People are becoming more conscious and specific in what they eat; and as a result, organically produced commodities are now popular. Additionally, organic farming plays a big role in environment conservation.

It is for these and more reasons that more farmers are tapping into the business of harvesting and selling rabbit urine as a foliar fertilizer.  According to the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), rabbit urine contains nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium needed for healthy crop growth.

It is advisable for one to position rabbit cages in such a way that that urine is collected and drained into a filling container. One rabbit produces an average of 250ml of urine daily. A litre of raw rabbit urine costs between Sh300 and Sh500. However, there are companies that package the urine and sell it at prices of between Sh600 to Sh800 per half a litre. 

Organizations such as Kenya Commercial Rabbit Consortium Limited (KCRC) buy rabbit urine from farmers and convert it into organic fertilizer. These organizations must submit samples of the fertilizer to the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) for testing. KARI has to certify the fertilizer for use before it is released to the market.

According to KCRC, the urine is mixed with compost and allowed to ferment for 3 weeks in order to convert it into liquid fertilizer. To apply the liquid fertilizer on the crops, one mixes it with water in a ratio of 200ml of fertilizer to 20 litres of water. The mixture is put in a pump and sprayed on the crops and can be applied on an acre of land.

The spraying should be done early in the morning and late in the evening as this is when the stomata are open. The leaves take in the manure directly while the rest is absorbed by the soil.


Susan Nderitu


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